It’s been an honour to serve as MP for Edinburgh East since 2010.

During that time I’ve helped over 6,000 people with problems like tax credits and pensions, and replied to nearly 10,000 emails, letters and phone calls about issues from phone hacking to arms sales.

I’ve also got behind community campaigns like those to save Castlebrae High School, stop a biomass power station being built in Leith, and prevent an oversupply of student accommodation in the Southside.

Last September’s referendum showed that many in Scotland – both Yes and No voters – want to see a fairer and more equal society. At the election on the 7th of May, people have a chance to elect a Labour Government that will make the changes people want to see. We would:

  • Increase the minimum wage to at least £8 per hour by 2020
  • Ban exploitative zero-hours contracts
  • Tax bankers to fund guaranteed jobs for under 25s out of work for a year
  • Levy a Mansion Tax to help pay for 1,000 extra nurses in Scotland’s NHS
  • Tax earnings over £150,000 to 50p in the pound to pay down the deficit
  • Abolish the Bedroom Tax
  • Decarbonise our electricity supply by 2030 to stop climate change
  • Spend 0.7 per cent of national income on international development
  • Remain in the European Union to protect jobs
  • Retain the Human Rights Act
  • Allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in all elections

And following the work of the Smith Commission, significant further powers will be devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Scottish Labour have already pledged to use these powers to:

  • Freeze fracking in Scotland
  • Bring Scotrail back into public ownership
  • Pass on job creation powers to local councils

I hope I can count on your support.
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We’re backing Sheila
We're backing Sheila - Noble Leisure owner Mark Noble
'Sheila understands and appreciates the importance of Portobello Beach both as a vibrant community to live within and as a tourist destination. During the past five years Sheila has raised our concerns over national policies with various Government departments promptly and efficiently - you can ask no more of your local Member of Parliament.'
We're backing Sheila - Rea from the Southside
'As an engaged constituent, I regularly contact Sheila about issues that concern me and she always provides prompt and considered replies. For example when I wrote to her about the impact of a new EU-US trade deal, Sheila said she would campaign to ensure that public services like the NHS are protected.'
We're backing Sheila - Mr and Mrs Batten from Coillesdene
'A few years ago we started having difficulty using our kitchen and bathroom. We initially struggled to get any help from the council, but when we got in touch with Sheila, she worked tirelessly to ensure adaptations were fitted. We were very pleased with the results, and would encourage people to vote for Sheila so she can continue to help pensioners and other people in need.'
We're backing Sheila - Gavin Strang, Edinburgh East MP 1970-2010
'I've been pleased to see Sheila campaign on many of the issues I focused on during my 40 years as MP. For example she has consistently spoken up for people in low paid work, and I was pleased to see Labour pledge to tackle the abuse of zero hours contracts and raise the minimum wage. I'd strongly encourage people to vote Sheila back in at the election in May.'
We're backing Sheila - Neil from Craigmillar
'Sheila always works hard for people with disabilities. For example when I moved back to Edinburgh several years ago, I had difficulty getting either the city council or my old local authority in London to agree on who should pay for my care. Thanks to Sheila's campaigning over the last five years, the Department for Health have now published guidance to ensure this doesn't happen again.'
We're backing Sheila - Colin from Portobello
'Labour have always been the party of social justice, and a majority Labour Government in 2015 would take bold steps like guaranteeing jobs for young people and decarbonising our electricity supply to tackle climate change. But this will only be possible if MPs like Sheila hold their seats in Scotland - a vote for any other party could let the Tories in the back door.'
We're backing Sheila - Southside Hairdresser Denise
'Sheila is a people's person and has always done the things we have asked, like speaking up against the deluge of planning applications for student accommodation in the Southside. She knows that for our area to thrive, we need to keep the right balance between young people, families and pensioners, and I hope we'll continue to have her as our MP after the coming election.'
We're backing Sheila - Patricia from Joppa
'I applied for Employment and Support Allowance when I was ill and unable to work. The assessment was stressful and even when my claim was accepted, JobCentre Plus mismanaged my payments. I wrote to Sheila and she helped me secure the benefits I was due. I'm now back in work but it's great to know she is working hard in parliament to stop others going through the same thing.'


About this site

All my posts since May 2010 are available on the Blog section of this website, including press releases and articles, replies to constituents on important issues, and my monthly newsletters. You can find posts on a particular issue or from a specific time period by using the category and archive filters. My most recent posts are also available below.

The Campaigns section contains information on the issues I’ve campaigned on the most since my election – Employment and Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, the Work Programme and the East Coast privatisation.

The Newsletter section contains my most recent monthly update; you can find out more about me and the constituency in the About section; and for details on getting in touch, my monthly surgeries and visiting Westminster, see the Contact section.

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Email sheila.gilmore.mp@parliament.uk | Call 0131 661 7522 | Write to 84 Niddrie Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4DT

Constituency office at 84 Niddrie Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4DT open 10am-4.30pm, Monday to Thursday

Follow www.facebook.com/SheilaforEdinburghEast and www.twitter.com/SheilaGilmoreMP.

Get involved

My supporters and I go out several times a week to knock on people’s doors and speak to them about the issues they’re concerned about and the upcoming election.

We’re always looking for more volunteers so even if you’ve never done anything like this before, please get in touch – we can pair you up with experienced campaigners until you get the hang of things. We also run a weekly session where we telephone voters.

Alternatively we’re always looking for people to deliver leaflets and direct mails – again please just drop us a line!

To compliment this I need to fund things like leaflets, newspapers and direct mails for delivery across the constituency. For this we need donations:

  • £20 buys 36 second class stamps for direct mails to constituents OR
  • £20 buys 500 ‘I’m voting Sheila Gilmore’ A4 posters
  • £50 buys 1700 election address leaflets
  • £100 buys 3,500 tabloid ‘Labour Today’ newspapers

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Recent Posts

Thursday is polling day!

Now is your chance to vote for a hardworking local representative and a Labour Party committed to creating a fairer and more equal society.

Since 2010 I’ve helped over 6,000 people when they’ve had problems with things like tax credits or pensions, and replied to nearly 10,000 calls, letters and emails about issues ranging from cuts to disability benefits to arms sales.

I’ve also got behind community campaigns like those to save Castlebrae High School, secure the Number 60 for Dumbiedykes residents, and help pensioners across the constituency get wet floor showers .

My party and I believe that Scotland does well when hard working families do well. A Labour Government would:

  • Raise the minimum wage to over £8 an hour
  • Introduce a Mansion Tax to fund 1,000 more nurses in Scotland
  • Guarantee jobs for all under 25s out of work for a year
  • Ban exploitative zero hour contracts
  • Abolish the Bedroom Tax
  • Tackle climate change by decarbonising our electricity supply
  • Continue to spend 0.7 of national income on aid
  • Allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in all elections

As your MP I have been a strong voice in Parliament with a proven record, and I want to continue that work over the next five years. I hope I can count on your support.


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