Vote Liberal – Get Tory

Sadly it would appear that what many Labour candidates warned has come to pass – vote Liberal & get Tory.

Cameron and Clegg

Considering that Labour was offering a far stronger proposal on electoral reform than the Tories it would appear that the Liberals must after all agree more with the Tories over economic and social policy than many who supported them thought. Apart from anything else compare the time Clegg and his party spent negotiating with the Tories, with the time spent talking to Labour. Indeed was the apparent willingness to talk to Labour shown yesterday just a ploy to try to extract a little bit more from the Tories?

We’ve seen here in Edinburgh at a local level the true ‘colour’ of Lib Dem politics (eg their decision to provide two thirds of home care services through private contractors, the plans being made for further ‘outsourcing’ of local services). Is what we are seeing at national level another version of this?


Thank You

Thank you to all those in Edinburgh East who showed their faith in Labour and voted for public services. But I can assure those who did not vote for us that I will be a representative for all my constituents.

I have a hard act to follow in Gavin Strang and his reputation and many years of hard work were an important element in our success.

Special thanks to my agent Kez Dugdale who steered the campaign to such a successful conclusion and who was still there for us even after she was asked to take on an additional organisational role in two other parliamentary constituencies. Thanks too to my fantastic campaign team – too many to mention all but Matt, David & Stuart really deserve special mention. My councillor colleagues were also a great support.

And last but not least my family who encouraged me to seek the selection and have put up with my preoccupation over the last year, and gave valuable practical help – Brian & Alex especially. I must also mention my mother in law whose support and encouragement over many years has been fantastic – and my Dad who is the one most responsible for my interest in politics – many many thanks.