Exempting conditions
I am concerned that there is no scope for exempting certain conditions from reassessment once maximum entitlement has been awarded. The Government’s current line is that they don’t want make blanket rules or label individuals by their impairments and that these matters will be determined on a case-by-case basis. This is despite the fact that there are a number of conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease which are progressive, for which there is no cure, and with which it is hard to see what reassessment can achieve other than unnecessary anxiety. I submitted a written question asking whether the Government will collect data on award lengths by condition and got a positive response on 25 February 2013. Hopefully this will show whether progressive conditions are being given the longest possible award lengths. If they are not then I will take this up with the Government at the time.

Urgent reassessments
Another concern is that it remains unclear whether people be allowed to request an urgent reassessment in certain circumstances, as is currently the case under DLA.